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This is where I get to share some of my thoughts on this wonderful thing we call life.  There are words of encouragement and words that I hope will inspire!


7/31/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™

Come on… Take a Chance!

(This is a post I did  in October of last year! I was reading through my old stuff and thought it was appropriate for today!)

Here’s some thing to think about. When you take risks, it is very possible that you will fail!  But, check this out…when you take no risks there is the absolute certainty of failure.

Some risks are not worth taking. But if we avoid all risks that come our way, it’s like avoiding life itself!  Driving your car to work in the morning is risky. Trying to learn a new skill is risky.  Well guess what, these are risks which are well worth taking because they can produce positive results!

So, put yourself on the line sometimes. Come on, Take a chance!  You might well find the reward you’ve been looking for!

7/25/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™

Stay Calm!  You Can Make it!

Do you ever wake up and say, “How I am I ever going to make it through this day?”  It happens to all of us at some time or another.  The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, relax and stay calm!

You possess the wherewithal and the strength to get through any obstacle that comes before you.  Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and get on with the gift that is called life!

And the things you will receive from this experience will help you become stronger… wisdom, resilience, compassion for others and mainly the knowledge that you can overcome if you try your best!

It won’t always be easy and it won’t always work out the way you want it to, but usually, it always works out!

Fear of failure is a strong motivator not to do something and in this case it can paralyze you in inaction.  It will make you stay in bed instead of getting up and getting on with things.  It will make you withdraw and whimper in a corner.

DON”T LET IT WIN!  You are better than that!  When those feelings of doubt and self-loathing come on, dismiss them!  You can do it!

7/23/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™

Change Your Focus!

Get out of your own way to success.  Let it happen!  Change your focus!

Now I now it easier said than done, but it can be done if you put your mind to it!  I’ve heard some one say that true insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Well I say you got to shake it up every once in a while.  To get the change you want, YOU must make that change happen!

What makes you happy?  What do you truly care about?  What is your purpose in life?  How can you help others and in turn help yourself?  Powerful questions that can evoke powerful change!

So, seize the chance to do something positive and great with your life and the lives of those around you.  It might be scary at first to step out of your comfort zone, but that fear will be replaced with the pride and joy of making your own positive change!

Others have done.  You can do it!  Just Do it!  This life is beautiful and so are you!  Live it!

7/13/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™

Go on!  Get on with it!

My Mother used to always say to me, “Son, everyone will not like you.  The most important thing is that you like you!”  It’s so true, but hard to deal with.

We all want to be liked.  We all want people to say, “ That that girls is so cool” or “I wish I could be like him”.  Hey, get over it and get on with your life.  How other people perceive who you are is exactly that… how other people perceive you.  How you perceive yourself is the key.

Keep it positive!  Treat other people the way you would want to be treated!  Inspire others to be there best by you being your best.

Sure, you won’t always be at your best and life will knock you off the path sometimes.  But, make sure , when life throws you a curve or shoots you the sharp elbow to the ribs, take it in stride and get back to it!  Get back to living!  Get back to life!

You have the choice to make your destiny and actions positive!.  You create your own future!  You dictate, with the help of God, what the outcome will be!

So, Go on!  Get on with it!  Get on with your life in a positive way!

7/9/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™

I don’t know why this quote jumped to my mind today but it did!  It’s from the 34th President of the United States – Dwight D Eisenhower:

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Think about it and FIGHT ON!

7/4/12 – “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”™


(This is in memory of my cousin Leslie who was shot in a random drive by shooting on this day in Dallas, TX.)

As I got up this morning, I had to thank God for the opportunity to see another Fourth of July and to live in a country where at least I know I’m free!

As we go through this day with family and friends, eating burgers and dogs, drinking, laughing, loving let’s all remember how blessed we are.  I know we sometimes grumble about the things going on in the USA but you tell me…. WHAT OTHER COUNTRY WOULD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN? 

For me the answer comes out the same every time… The United States of America!  God Bless our land!

Enjoy this song by Micheal Hedges called “Holiday”. Please listen and hear the words and the passion of the music.  Enjoy you Fourth!



6/22/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Sweet Dreams

Remember when you were a child and right before you went to bed your parents would say, “Sweet Dreams”.  Wow!  What a way to fall asleep.  Being safe in the knowledge that your dreams would be all nice and happy.

As we, grow we sometimes forget that the dreams we have now can be sweet.  With all the hustle and bustle of life, with all the bad news in the media, with all the evils that men do to each other, it makes it tough for our dreams to be anything but sweet.

Remember that you can determine how your dreams turn out.  Make your mind up to focus on the good things in life like family, faith and friends.  Keep searching for the good in others and rejecting the bad.  By keeping a child-like awe and innocence about this wonderful world around you, your dreams will follow.  They will be what you make them.  Uninfluenced by any negative outside force.

You can have Sweet Dreams my friends every night for the rest of your life.  Just think you can and you will!

6/12/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

What Does Your Shadow Say About You?

I wanted to share my daily devotional with you today because it deals with the way you touch people everyday. I don’t know everyone’s faith but regardless of that, what sort of impression are you leaving when you meet someone new or interacting with your colleagues at work? 

Something to think about!  Peace to you all!

Here’s the link:  http://rightfromtheheart.org/devo/2423

6/5/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Yearn To Learn!

You’ve heard the old adage, “Knowledge is Power” right?  Well, it is so important in these high tech days that we practice this saying everyday! Things are changing so fast that what you know today, will be obsolete by tomorrow.  So it is imperative that we learn something new everyday!

Now, I’m not talking about quantum physics, but simple lesson that lead us to a better life.  Like, knowing when to say thank you and please.  Learning the right time to say NO.  Learning that forgiveness is a strong tool to help you cope in this hectic life!

Make a daily habit to learn something new… learn a new song, a new way to drive to work.  It will keep your brain sharp and lets you know that you’re alive!

It’s up to you!  Yearn to Learn!  It’s the smart thing to do!

5/28/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Memorial Day! Remember the True Reason!

It’s Memorial Day! A time to cook out with family and friends.  It’s a time to hit the neighborhood pool.  It’s the official start of the summer season!

Please, in all your celebration, don’t for get the true reason you celebrate this day.  The true reason you can hit the pool or cook out with family and friends.

The real reason we celebrate is because Americans have died in service to our country so we can have these freedoms.  It’s as simple and as powerful as that!

Remember our fallen heroes and give thanks for their sacrifice.

5/23/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

The Power of Flow!

When you were a kid, did you ever try to damn up a brook or creek?  Yeah, you could stop the water for a little bit but eventually; the power of the waters flow would burst your little damn much to your delight!

Some times, I’ve found that we tend to damn up our feelings and emotions.  Keeping them away from others and us until, just like to the damn you built in the creek, it overflows due to the power of the flow.

Life flows and we are swept up in its current.  Enjoy the feeling of freedom when you “Go With The Flow”.  It’s easier to swim with the flow than against it.

With that said, Here’s Gino Vannelli’s “The River Must Flow” to get you through the day!  Keep Splashing My Friends!

4/16/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Overcome Any Setback!

My daily devotion had some words for me today that were just what I needed, just at the right time.  I wanted to share this message with you in the hope that you will know that through your faith and deeds you will overcome any setback that  has put upon you and achieve the victory that is guaranteed by Him!

Here’s the link!  God Bless You All!


4/11/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Say it ain’t so Uncle Albert!

Here’s something to think about in a quote from one of my favorite thinkers, Albert Einstein:

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.  What are you going to do?

Here’s Paul and Linda McCartney singing Uncle Albert to get you thinking!  PEACE!

4/9/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Take your Time, Do it Right!

Would you be satisfied with a few hundred dollars if you knew you could have had a lot more? It just doesn’t seem right to leave that kind of money on the table. But, every time you give anything less than your best, you’re doing much the same thing.

Whatever you do, take your time, do it right. And you’ll never have to settle for anything less than the very best.  Here a link to a video I love that says just that!

4/6/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

What Do YOU Have To Give?

Have you ever asked the question of Why should I give Back?  Now, keep in mind that most people find themselves in need at some point in their lives. So today you may be the person with the ability to help, but tomorrow you may be the recipient of someone else’s volunteer effort.

Even now you might be on both sides of the service cycle: maybe you are a tutor for someone who can’t read, while last month the volunteer ambulance corps rushed you to the emergency room.

Whatever side of the cycle you are on, you can make a difference. What do you have to give?

3/25/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Live It!

Live life as it comes. Strive to live each moment at a time. Put them all together, one right after the other, then listen to that sweet song from beginning to end, and bask in each note, each nuance!

Watch how the sun rises and sets.  Feel it’s life-giving warmth on your face, the delicate wind on your skin, and the grace of God on us all! Take the time to really listen to those you love all around you!

What a wonderful world! And guess what, you are right in the middle of it all!



3/12/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Make it Happen!

Making it happen is up to you. The day only has so many minutes in it and there are so many paths you can take. Every moment is a choice.

To get anything done, you must decide what actions you will take that will lead to that desired accomplishment. What would you rearrange your life for? What would you do, no matter what got in your way?

Those are your true priorities. With that in mind, the question becomes — does what you want, bring you true joy and fulfillment?  I hope you find the right answer.


3/8/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

“Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother”

A great devotional reading this morning on “Right From The Heart Ministries”.  I thought I’d share it with you!

“Honor your father and your mother…”Exodus 20:12

One of the more important commandments of God is to “Honor thy father and mother.” It is lived out in three phases of the parent-child relationship:

  1. When a child is growing up in the home, he is called to obey. Parents have to teach their children to obey, and children honor their parents through obedience.
  2. The second phase begins when the children become young adults. They aren’t as dependent on their parents and they are no longer called to obey, but to respect their parents. This is usually the longest phase.
  3. The third phase of honoring parents is caring for them in their old age when they are no longer able to care for themselves. This is a tough transition when children become parents to their parents.

Obedience, respect, and care–the three stages of honoring Mom and Dad. The welfare of the family is dependent on us obeying God’s command.

3/5/12 – “Splashing Through The puddles Of Life”™

Making Mistakes is a Great Teacher!

Everyone makes mistakes. We’ve all done something that makes us cringe and think we’re not worthy. Folks, life is a learning experience, and mistakes are the most effective teachers. You wouldn’t have learned to walk unless you feel down once in a while.

Living successfully is not about avoiding mistakes; it is about learning from them. Making a mistake is, over time, a great blessing for what it teaches.  Making the same mistake again and again– that’s another story and something you don’t want to do!

Don’t worry if you make a mistake some times.  Go out and live your life! Just go forward knowing that you are resilient and worthy of every success and you’ll do just fine!

2/28/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

The Power of Feeling Good!

One of the most powerful and positive forces in the world comes when you feel good about your self and your surroundings.  This uplifting attitude gives you strength to be your best.  Feeling good and sharing it with others give you relevance in this world!

Even when bad things happen, feeling good can help you get by.  Don’t dwell on the bad, look forward to the good. You control your attitude and feeling positive about things really helps make life a little better.

Go out share that good feeling inside of you with the world.  We’re waiting!

2/23/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

The Sound Of Silence

Shhhh!  Can your hear it?  Yup, it’s the sound of silence.  Simple, unabashed, quiet!  These moments are the ones that really help to shape our lives.  They also scare us, as the quite makes us keenly aware of who we are.

Enjoy your quite time. Live them to they’re fullest and listen to what they can teach you.   We have so many opportunities through the day to experience these moments, so enjoy them. The simple rush of spending time with just yourself is a very special treasure that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Simple, quiet moments help make us who we are.  Who are you?

2/10/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

The Gift

Every day we are upon this earth is a gift. How do you open gifts that we’re given to you?  Some people take their time opening their gift, savoring the crunch of the wrapping paper as they work their way to thing they want most.  Others rip right through to get at the treasured gift quicker.

Whatever way you open your gift of today, just make sure you open it to its fullest.  Never leave this special gift opened halfway or, worse yet, unopened at all.

When the gift of the day is opened and explored, there’s no telling what wonders await.  It’s up to you!

2/6/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Be Happy!

I want to you stop whatever you’re doing and think of something that makes you happy. Just let yourself go to that place of unbridled joy! Let your mind and body relax and revel in the beauty of being, right here, right now.

Take a deep breath.  Feel the wind on your face. Everything you could possibly need or want is right here, right now. You are alive. You are important. You are a blessing on this earth.

Now go forward and make your own special greatness.

2/5/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Super Sunday!

Every Sunday is SUPER!

As we get ready for the big game that pits the Giants against the Patriots, remember what really makes today SUPER!

It is the knowledge that we have been this given this day by the grace of God and every one of God’s Sunday’s is SUPER!

Don’t You forget it!

1/22/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Moments Do Shape Us!

I believe in miracles. They happen everyday.  All you have to do is look around, use your senses and you’ll see and feel them!

To me, it the quiet moments that shapes us. Even though the big events leave us awe struck with wonder and amazement, it the quiet, simple moments that make us who we are!

Live every moment of the day to the fullest, because each is so very special!   Your life would be very dull and empty with them so, enjoy them!  The big and the small ones!

1/5/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Why am I so Angry All The Time?

Anybody can get mad at daily situations.  You burn the scrambled eggs and spill coffee on your best dress.  It’s easy to get angry at the person in the huge line of traffic that cuts in front of everyone and you get stuck at the light waiting again!

Getting angry is easy.  It really doesn’t take any skill.  But what does take skill is to be positive when things don’t go in your favor.

When you sense that angry feeling coming on, stop and ask yourself, “Why am I letting this anger creep into my life?”  “What is the positive alternative!” When you do that, things will get better and your day is sure to go a whole lot smoother.

Let go of your anger!  Let go of the negative thoughts and actions! Keep peace with your soul and peaceful things will come to you!

1/3/12 –  “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Your Armor is “The Right Attitude!”

“Your attitude determines your altitude”.  We’ve all heard that used in some form or another, but what happens when you let someone else’s attitude determine your altitude?

You can’t control how other people live or feel about their day.  But, the one thing that you can control is your own attitude.  Take great pride in showing all around you that your positive attitude makes a difference in your life and the lives of others every day!

Having the right attitude and showing it, is like wearing a powerful suit of armor. It helps ward off all the negative vibes and the occasionally tossed spears that life and negative attitudes sometimes sling.  Wear your shiny, positive attitude proudly.  It looks good on you!

12/29/11 “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

The Simple Things!

When I got up this morning in the mountains near Blowing Rock, NC, I went outside and was treated to the most gorgous sunrise you could imagine.  As a matter of fact a picture of that  sunrise is right here for you to see. 

These are the simple things in life that I love the most. The simple things of life:  a baby’s laugh, the chill of the winter wind on your face, the rush of finding something you’ve lost, can be some of  the greatest joys in life.  It reminds us we’re alive and vital. It does not overwhelm us with it’s complexity, yet dwarfs us with its simplicity.

Share the simple things with your family and friends right now.

12/19/11 “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Using your Inner Strength!

Do you have what it takes to use the strength that’s inside you?   You know, that power we all have to not scream at the driver that just cut us off in traffic, the wherewithal to be nice to someone who was not so nice to us.  The heart to and the desire to rather tell the truth than tell a lie.

Use your strength to do what’s right and just. Use your strength to resist temptation! Just like a weight lifter, the more you practice at being strong, the stronger you will become!

Live everyday strong!  It’s good for you and for those around you!

12/14/11 “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

It Feels Good!

What a beautiful world!  Sure feels good to be alive!

There are so many things to be thankful for.  A good plate of BBQ, A child’s laughter, the love of your spouse and family, the list is goes on and on!  Even on days when you don’t feel so great, always remember it beats the alternative!

You don’t have to over think it. Just live your life!  Breathe the clean, free air.  Feel the warm rain on your face.  Marvel at the sunrise and sunset!  Don’t be in such a hurry to get the day over with. And remember to eat your green vegetables!

What a beautiful world!  Sure feels good to be alive!


12/12/11 “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Letting Go!

I have an old camera that I love to use, but it won’t do the job for the projects I need it for.  My wife says, “get rid of it and move on.”  I say, “But dear, I know this camera, I like this old camera, I can’t let it go!”  Some people feel the same way when it comes to the routine of their life.  They can’t let the old things go, mostly because they are used to it and it’s comfortable.

Well, I’m learning to say, “Why the heck not!  I just gotta let go and move forward” The easy, comfortable way is to stay with what we know, what we’ve grown up with.  The hard, and probably most productive thing to do is to MOVE ON!

My Dad tough me, “If you’re not moving ahead, then you’re getting further behind.  What can you do today that will shake you out of your “Comfort Zone” and propel you on to bigger and better things.  I don’t have all the answers, No one does,  but I do know that we all have that spark inside to throw out the old and get on with the new.  Do It! Do it TODAY!

12/10/11 “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life™”

Dare to Dream.. Then Do it!

We all have dreams.  I know you can remember some of them.  When I was a little boy I had dreams of being a football star, a famous musician and an international spy!  Well, I’m way to gregarious and loud to be a spy, but I did have dreams.

What are your dreams?  Are you working to make them come true?  It takes is a lot of hard work and focus to reach your goals, your dreams.  And you have to start now!  Waiting until someone gives you dreams is not going to happen.  You have got to reach and seize them.  You got to make them your at all costs!

Go big, aim high, dream big, be the best you can be and live everyday to the fullest!


Today’s Thought: December 7, 2011

When the going gets tough, the tough….

When the going gets tough, what do you do?  For some of us, we fear, we loath, we get scared, we freeze.  All these are normal reactions to stressful situations. But I subscribe to the notion that we should do just the opposite!  We should not fear, we must not be afraid, we must leap in to action, we must remain positive!

Great things come to the people that will not let their goals and expectations diminish for any reason.  It is precisely during such times that your best strategy is to raise those expectations.   Giving up and settling for less is never the answer to life’s challenges.

Your time to show the world what you are made of is right now.  What an opportunity! Seize the day, draw on that inner you who will not give up and lay down.  When the going gets tough, what you gonna do?

Today’s Thought: November 30, 2011

Time Moves….

One of my favorite songs in by a fantastic guitarist, songwriter named Michael Hedges.  In his song “The Streamlined Man” he says, The streamlined man. In harmony with wisdom and restraint.  His streamlined hands.  Strike those chords. Maneuvering. Stabilizing. Holding firm through fluid time”.Here’s my Favorite lyric from the song, “ Youth and age move straight and forward. No rewind. No rewind.”

Today your life will move straight ahead. You can’t slow it down and you can’t stop it. But, what you can do is live it the best you can.  You can seize the moment before it gone! Try your best to embrace the beauty of everyday we have here on earth and use your powers for good, never for evil!   Keep your accent on the positive and in turn the good things, the things that are worth the effort, will come to you and those around you!

“ Youth and age move straight and forward. No rewind. No rewind.”  Don’t look back.  Look forward and go for it!




Today’s Thought: November 28, 2011

Get out of your rut and get going!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?  Like you never can get it going in the direction you want.  Well, sometimes that’s a good thing.  It’s a motivator.  It’s a sure sign to tell you to suck it up and get moving forward! 

When you feel like your stuck, it’s an opportunity to do just the opposite.  It’s an opportunity to decide where you really want to go. It’s an opportunity to get started and change things for the better. When you start feeling like that, you become empowered.  When you start thinking like that you become the irresistible force that is determined to succeed at any cost!!

You’re not really stuck because you and your attitude determine how to handle the situation.  You can “unstick” yourself!  But you got to work at it.  Start with baby steps and in no time you’ll be moving so fast toward your dreams and goals that you’ll wonder why you ever doubted yourself!

Today’s Thought: November 23, 2011

Get Your Priorities Right! Get Your Mind Right! Get your Heart Right!

What is America’s favorite holiday?  I want to share an interesting article from the website “Right From The Heartand you tell me what you think:

Is “Black Friday” Becoming America’s Favorite Holiday? Nov 23 2011

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8

What is America’s favorite holiday? Many of you will immediately think of Easter, while others think of Christmas. Still others might select New Year’s Eve, but none of these are even close. Thanksgiving? A favorite, but it’s not number one. If you define “favorite” as the day people show the most passion and excitement, many Americans’ favorite holiday is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday gets its name because so much merchandise is sold on that day that retailers literally see their profit and loss statements move from being in the red to being solidly in the black.

If you want to understand the passion this holiday inspires, watch what happens when stores open their doors at 5:00 a.m. Watch how grown men shove old ladies aside so they can be the first to grab that season’s hottest new video game. Notice the effort people exert so they can buy a toaster for $4. This passion may best be realized by what happened in New York one year. Just a few hours after putting down their Thanksgiving forks, 50,000 people stood in the rain overnight awaiting the 5:00 a.m. opening of a mall. Fifty thousand people— in the rain— just to grab some items on sale!

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving? Those make sense. But Black Friday? Give it a break!

Come On America!  Are you serious?  Get Your Priorities Right! Get Your Mind Right! Get your Heart Right!


Today’s Thought: November 21, 2011

Quitters Never Win!  Winners never Quit!

Have you heard anyone tell you, “Quitters Never Win”?  Well they’re right!  Think about it.  It’s impossible to win if you quit.  It’s unthinkable to just give up and let some one else reap the benefits.   We’ve got to change our mindset if we want to be that winner. We’ve got to change our mindset if we want to succeed in anything we do!

Try thinking like this. When you make a positive, real effort and something, you have not lost.  Look, everyone gets knocked back every now and then.  That’s when it’s time to turn pro and go for what you know.  That’s when it’s time learn, to adapt to the situation and win!

The people who win the most quit the least!  The people who reach their goals do so because of the laser like focus on doing their best!  Think about it.  It’s impossible to win if you quit!  Never quit, and you will create the life you choose. You will be a winner!

Today’s Thought: November 21, 2011

Quitters Never Win!  Winner never Quit!

Have you heard anyone tell you, “Quitters Never Win”?  Well they’re right!  Think about it.  It’s impossible to win if you quit.  It’s unthinkable to just give up and let some one else reap the benefits.   We’ve got to change our mindset if we want to be that winner. We’ve got to change our mindset if we want to succeed in anything we do!

Try thinking like this. When you make a positive, real effort and something, you have not lost.  Look, everyone gets knocked back every now and then.  That’s when it’s time to turn pro and go for what you know.  That’s when it’s time learn, to adapt to the situation and win!

The people who win the most quit the least!  The people who reach their goals do so because of the laser like focus on doing their best!  Think about it.  It’s impossible to win if you quit!  Never quit, and you will create the life you choose. You will be a winner!

Today’s Thought: November 18, 2011

I doubt it!

Do you ever have doubts?  We all do.  Can I succeed?  Am I good enough?  Will he or she like me? It’s enough to make a person petrified with fear of the unknown!

But take heart!  When you take action over your doubts, you create positive momentum!  You move forward in a way that no doubt can stop!  You become “The Irresistible Force” and doubt “The Movable Object”!

Sure you have doubts. Everyone does. But, they can’t stop you. When you start to make things happen, all that doubt starts to fade away.  It becomes insignificant.  It loses its power over you!

So, become “The Irresistible Force”! Move with great energy toward erasing your doubts! Run over them! Grind them into the dust with your power!  Keep on moving forward!


Today’s Thought: November 114, 2011

I’m Winning!

Carlos Santana wrote a song called “I’m Winning” and it got me thinking about that word “Winning” and how we relate to it.

We are a “Winner”!  When we make our minds up to be one! To become a “Winner”, we have to believe we are.  No one gives us permission to be a “Winner”!  it’s up to us.

But guess what, there is no else to blame if we’re not a winner. We, YOU determine where we’ll go in life. It’s up to you and me to make the right calls that will chart our path to success. We have to have the will and the correct mind set to make the right choices!

We, YOU can do it!  Now, becoming a “Winner” comes with its share of sacrifice and hard work, but things that are truly worth it always do! Are we, YOU up to the task. Take an inventory of what you have. Then, add in all the great things you can do and the end result will astound you!  The “Winner” you longed to be.  The “Winner” you hoped to be….. WILL BE… YOU!




Today’s Thought: November 9, 2011

Joy To The World… And Yourself!

True Joy!  When you find it,  it’s worth more than all the riches you could imagine! It’s out there in everyday life and you can find it if only you allow yourself too look for it!

Think about.  When you look for the true joy that is all around us, you think clearer, you see thinks in a different light.  You just feel better. It’s OK to let yourself experience that feeling of pure joy.  It’s OK to share that feeling with others.  It’s OK to let your light shine so that the world would benefit!

So, get on up and get on out and spread the true joy that is inside of you.   The world needs it, your family and friends need it and more importantly, you need it!  That’s the power of true joy!



Today’s Thought: November 7, 2011

 Take Action!

Just when things are the worst they can be is when you can make the most difference. If you feel like everything is going against you, that’s the time to take positive action that will get things going for you.  The best cure for all that bad stuff  is action. Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself, Get on up and do something!

Haven’t you had enough already? Start working your way out, right now! Some of life’s greatest accomplishments come when positive action is done!  Think what can you do today, right now, that will move you forward? Set your sights on the future and do it now.


Today’s Thought: October 30, 2011

Get It Done!

You’ll get it done, if you start right now. Yes, there’s so much to do. The task at the moment seems to big to do. But, go ahead, get on with it. Get started right now!

If you wait and worry, nothing will come. Look up, speak up, stand up, and make it happen.  Achievement is in the doing. Don’t wait for it to be delivered to you because that delivery will never come. Do what you can right now. No matter how little it may seem to be, there is something you can do. Though you can think of a thousand reasons not to, start now, and you’re on your way.



Today’s Thought: October 27, 2011

Here’s a poem from an unknown author that might give you some inspiration this week:

“I’ve never made a fortune, and it’s probably too late now. But I don’t worry about that much, I’m happy anyhow. And as I go along life’s way, I’m reaping better than I sowed. I’m drinking from my saucer, ?’Cause my cup has overflowed. Haven’t got a lot of riches, and sometimes the going’s tough. But I’ve got loving ones all around me, and that makes me rich enough.”

This is the way I’ve lived and it’s right!  Happily “Splashing Through The Puddles Of Life”!

Holla at your boy!  Peace!

Today’s Thought: October 24, 2011

Come on… Take a Chance!

Here’s some thing to think about. When you take risks, it is very possible that you will fail!  But, check this out…when you take no risks there is the absolute certainty of failure.

Some risks are not worth taking. But if we avoid all risks that come our way, it’s like avoiding life itself!  Driving your car to work in the morning is risky. Trying to learn a new skill is risky.  Well guess what,  these are risks which are well worth taking because they can produce positive results!

So, put yourself on the line sometimes. Come on, Take a chance!  You might well find the reward you’ve been looking for!

Today’s Thought: October 19, 2011

Be Good To Yourself!

Posted on October 19, 2011 by JJ

Today, make it a priority to do something nice for a very important person in your life — YOU! Look, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will!  To be able to give to others, you must have something to give.

So enjoy life. Have fun. Indulge yourself.  Even when things don’t work out in your favor, in the midst of frustration, even during a time of desperation, find something that is good just for you!

There is pure joy in simply being alive. I close with words from one of my faviorte writings, Max Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata:

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

You deserve to be good to you. Make yourself the kind of person who can really make a difference. Be good to you today, and every day.


Today’s Thought: October 17, 2011

All we need is…….?

Posted on October 17, 2011 by JJ

We all need each other.  I often ask myself what would happen to the richest person in the world, if no one else had any money? I would think that even all that wealth would be worth nothing!  I’ve read that “Abundance cannot be stolen or hoarded. It must be lived.” And I believe it!

Let’s all try this.  Let’s stop thinking about “getting ours” and “taking what belongs to us” and start thinking about “producing for the common good” and “creating things that matter”.

When you’re number one concern is  “What can I do for myself?” you might be able to make a good living. But, instead, ask “What can I do for others?” and you’re on your way to building a fortune that no one can take away!

I hope this song by the Beatles helps you through this wonderful Monday!  All we need is……

Today’s Thought: October 14, 2011

Stoke The Fire of Greatness!

Posted on October 14, 2011 by JJ

We’ve always heard that your education is the one thing in life that can’t be taken away from you”.  Well, I’m here to say this is true!

Think about it.  You can lose your car, your home, your girl friend and even your family, but you can never lose the things your learn.

Now comes the important part.  You gotta do something with it!  It’s a crime to let all that knowledge just sit up there and do nothing.  You owe it to the world, your family and yourself to use the stuff you have in your head for good, never for evil!

Life changes fast, so you gotta learn not only the facts, but how to get the info you need!  We must continually update our  knowledge or we’ll will be left behind.  Don’t be the last one!

Stoke the fires of greatness and feed your mind!

Today’s Thought: October 12, 2011

Once You Get Started!

Posted on October 12, 2011 by JJ

As I was digging around “You Tube” the other day I came up on a fantastic video from one of my favorite bands, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan!  They were on the Mike Douglas show and the song was “Once You Get Started”!  After I stopped playing air drums, I paused to think about the songs title.

Things are never as difficult as they seem, once you get started. All you have to do is give it you best try!  You didn’t learn to walk by not trying.  You put one foot in front of the other until you did it. (Thank God we had the loving hands of a parent to pick us up when we fell)

No matter what you do, give it your full attention and do your best.  Whatever it is, JUST GET STARTED! It’s  an opportunity for your to express the very special person that you are. An opportunity for you to make a difference. An opportunity for you to enrich your own life and the lives of those around you.

Here the Rufus Video!  Enjoy and …. Get Started!

Today’s Thought: October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Posted on October 11, 2011 by JJ

These are a pair of rain boots I got Nancy for her birthday. After 18 years of happily slogging through the puddles of life with me, I figured she needed some! Happy Birthday Baby!

Today’s Thought: October 8, 2011

The possibilities are endless!

Posted on October 8, 2011 by JJ

Wow!  The Possibilities!  Think about it!  As you go through your day think of the  situations you get into, the obstacles you have to deal with, the people you meet.  It is enough to make you either give up or press on for more!

In thinking like this, you have a choice.  You can do nothing  OR you can buck the odds to find your own success.  999,999 failures mean nothing to that 1 success in a million tries at it.    You have a choice to make your own future.  So get on up, get on out and savior the possibilities!

Today’s Thought: October 5, 2011


Posted on October 5, 2011 by JJ

Today’s thought comes from listening to a Men At Work song called “It’s a Mistake!”

MISTAKES!  We’ve all made them. Done things that we’ve been ashamed of. Thank goodness life is a learning experience, and mistakes are the most effective teachers.  Living is not about avoiding mistakes, it is about learning from them. Making a mistake once is a good thing for what it teaches. Now, making the same mistake again…. that’s what you want to avoid.

So, Don’t worry too much from making those mistakes.  Revel in the new person you are  becoming from learning from them!   And as my Granny used to say, “Boy, don’t make the same mistake twice!”  I love her ’cause she was right!

Check out this link to the Men At Work Song, “It’s a Mistake”

JJ :)

Today’s Thought: October 3, 2011


Posted on October 3, 2011 by JJ

What do you think the biggest obstacle standing between you and anything you want is?   It’s you!  It’s your lack of belief that it’s OK for you to have it.   Look, once you believe it is possible, once you believe you can do it, it will be be done! With belief, plus the hard work and commitment to follow through and do whatever it takes, anything you want can be yours.

You have everything you need to reach your goals and it’s available to you right now! Don’t let anything hold you back! You have belief and commitment.

You will find a way.

You can do it!

Today’s Thought: September 29, 2011

Dream, Dream, Dream!

Posted on September 29, 2011 by JJ

Here’s something to think about. What is your dream? More than anything else, what do you want to accomplish in your life? What are you living for if not to follow your dreams?   If you dig down deep and connect with what you want, you’ll have a life that’s full and rewarding.  No one said that’s it going to be easy, but at least it’s up to you!

Dream Big! Be Big! Live Big!

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